Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Mantillas for Mums, and Bonnets for Babies!

I've been making quite a few mantillas lately, and enjoy trying to fulfill the specific requests that people often make, like the brown cotton lace one that was recently asked for.

I love making bonnets too, but am sad that sometimes I don't get to see them being worn by their new owners.  If people buy anything from me, I love to have photos of them or whoever it has been bought for, modelling it.

This one was sent to Japan.

This was used for a Baptism at my Parish. Sadly, I didn't get a photo of baby in it, though!

This was made for baby Grace's Baptism -
I think the photo was taken on another occasion, though.

I love the delicate lace edging framing the face.

But I'm so glad I get to see this one being worn every Sunday!
Maria doesn't seem to mind keeping it on through Mass, either.

A nice easy to wear, elasticated bonnet with brim. £7.50 in polycotton, £10.00 in pure cotton.

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Cotton lace Mantillas

People often ask for cotton lace mantillas. It is quite hard to find a cotton lace fabric (nigh on impossible) and if it is 100% cotton it will usually be very thick and heavy. (A fine cotton lace would  cost far too much per metre for most people's purses!)  However, I do try and find laces that have a high cotton content, or use cotton lace edging when I can. Here are some examples of the black mantillas I currently have in stock.
High cotton content lace, with cotton lace edging.

Lovely soft draping lace with cotton embroideries,
and cotton lace edging.

Soft polyester/nylon lace with a guipure lace edging.

Nylon lace with a cotton lace edging.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Pussy Cats and Bunny Baby Vest and Bib!

In between making First Holy Communion dresses and mantillas, I've been having fun with the embroidery machine, making another tea cosy for a lady who likes cats, and a bib and vest for a new baby named Benjamin.  His mother is Spanish, so has not quite worked out the connection between his name and bunnies, but I am sure there is a translation of Beatrix Potter's story into Spanish so I shall attempt to find it for her.

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Guinevere's Unique Traditional First Holy Communion Dress & Veil.

Guinevere's parents requested that I make her a dress & veil in a style similar to some old photographs they had, if it were possible.  There wasn't a lot of time for me to spend on copying them exactly, but these are what I came up with, and they are very happy with them, DG!
I enjoy trying to re-create styles in the manner people want, just make sure you contact me nice and early if you do have something specific in mind - especially if you are overseas!

The veil was much harder to make than the dress!! but I eventually found some embroidery motifs, and a veil edging that was similar to what they wanted. But, this sort of thing does take a lot of time to make, so let me know early!!

Thursday, May 21, 2015

This picture makes it all worth while!

I'm not sure whether folk realise how much time and effort I put into my sewing!  I am a bit of a perfectionist, so the work I do has to be finished to a high standard, and I take a lot of time mulling over whether I'm getting the size right, and which lace trim will go best with which fabric, etc. Each dress can take me over 3 to 4 days to finish, (with house-wifely duties in between!) and each one is unique. It is lovely to see photos of the girls on their special day, but photos like the one below, just make my day!

Miss P shows the  pleasure and
excitement on opening the package,
just after it arrives.

I'm looking forward to seeing her in it too!

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Holly's First Holy Communion Dress

I enjoyed making this dress for Holly, who had very definite ideas of what she wanted - no frills at the cuffs, and no bow at the back! But it was a treat for me to see one of the little girls I've sewn for actually trying the dress on, which I was able to do when I delivered it (most of them get sent far away, but Holly comes to my Church sometimes, so does not live too far from me.) I was re-assured to see how well it fit - her grandma had obviously given me accurate measurements!

God Bless!

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Traditional Holy Communion Dresses 2015

Here is a selection of dresses just finished and sent off this spring, some for the USA and some for the UK.

This dress for Madalyn, and the one below
(having slightly differing trim on waist and bodice)
were made for sisters in the USA
The fabric is an embroidered chiffon, which I managed to find after scouring
many fabric shops - it is difficult to find such fabric in white (or at all!)

Francesca's dress

Holly's dress is the only one I've got to see being tried on!
I was glad to see that I managed to get it to fit just right,
from the measurements given!

I made a similar one last year for Lucy's sister,
so it was a pleasure to be making another one for her,
in a different patterned fabric.

These last two photos show a dress made for Louise
in a dotted Swiss cotton fabric,
as specifically requested by her mother.

Back view of Louise's dress showing the ribbon ties,
made from same trim as waistband.
Hopefully I will receive photos of all the girls when they wear them for their special day receiving Our Blessed Lord for the first time.