Mantillas for Sale

Here are some examples of the types of mantillas (chapel veils) I can make, and some which are currently in stock for sale. They can be made large or small, with or without lace, triangular, or semi-circular.
Folks often wonder whether there is a strict code about which colour to wear, but I think it is very much a matter of personal choice. There is a tendency for young girls and unmarried young women to wear white, and older/married women to wear black, but there are no hard and fast rules, and there's no reason why you can't decide to wear whichever colour suits you best.  Some people like to wear black in winter and white in spring - it's up to you! Some ladies like to wear different colours to match the liturgical feasts and seasons - eg. purple for Lent or Advent, blue in honour of Our Blessed Mother, etc. I have also been asked to make several veils in a chocolate brown colour, which look quite lovely. I'm always experimenting with designs, so there will be others on the way! (And see other examples posted on the blog too.)

People frequently request cotton lace mantillas. It is quite hard to find a cotton lace fabric (nigh on impossible) and if it is 100% cotton it will usually be very thick and heavy. (A fine cotton lace would cost far too much per metre for most people's purses!)  However, I do try and find laces that have a high cotton content, or use cotton lace edging when I can.

I do make veils for special occasions too, using more expensive lace edging. Just email for prices; don't hesitate to get in touch to discuss what you would like - my email is in the "About Me" section at the top of the side-bar.

Here are some examples of the mantillas I currently have in stock, or can be made up upon request.

The Josephine
Corded lace with a cotton lace edging

The Jacqueline

Soft delicate lace with a guipure lace edging.

The Rhoslyn
Lovely soft draping lace with cotton embroideries,
and cotton lace edging.

The Elizabeth
Lovely heavy soft and drapey lace - good for winter!

The Eloise

Luxurious corded lace
with a delicate cotton lace edging


The Antonia

Oval shaped, with narrow edging lace.

The Lauren

Swiss dot, large shawl-type, with
Cotton lace edging all round £25.00

Large shawl-type, with a simple edge-finish.
Very lightweight lace, drapes beautifully.

I have also been asked to make "Infinity Veils" which is a moebius shaped design, worn like a snood. Quite useful for nursing mothers/mothers of young children, as it rests on the shoulders, and is easily pulled back on if it falls off!

Patricia is modelling an Infinity Veil -
Good for nursing mothers.

The Kathryn
Small Soft White Lace with a guipure lace edging.

This can also be made in ivory and black.
Small white mantilla with cotton lace edging £23.00

The Rebecca
A lovely quality soft lace,
with cotton lace trim.

Back view of Rebecca's Veil.

The Angela
Lovely corded lace with a cotton lace edging.

Triangular, or

Half-moon shaped. (same price)

The Susan

Beautiful champagne white lace with a scalloped
front and delicate lace edging


The Lucy
A light weight medium sized veil
  with a cotton lace trim.
Perfect for singing in the choir!

The Patricia


This can also be made in black.

The Ismene

Veils and mantillas can be made in other colours, as desired.

Teal Infinity Veil with straight edge

Infinity Veil from same lace but with a scalloped edge

Very Delicate brown lace.

Beautiful chocolate brown Mantilla with delicate cotton lace edging.

Jagoda's Lovely Marian
Pale Blue
Shawl Mantilla.

Royal blue, very soft lace. £27.50

The Slavie

Infinity Veil in Teal Cotton-Rich lace

The Madeleine

Medium sized Ivory Lace Mantilla (20 1/2 ins)
Semi-circular shape.
(Close up of lace, above)

Large soft lace one for mum, (£27.50) - being modelled below,
and a small robust cotton
one with ties for her toddler. (£12.50)

Floral lace with a cotton lace edging.

Smaller ones with ties to help them stay on, for younger girls.

Small, semi-circular, with scalloped front ££8.00
Sabina modelling the small semi-circular
veil with scalloped front

First Communion  Mantilla Veil

Large First Communion Mantilla Veil with embroidered cross.

(Please see the First Holy Communion Dresses Page for more examples of Special Veils)


  1. Hello,

    I recently purchased a Mantilla for my wife for our 2nd wedding anniversary. Zelies Roses delivered not only a BEAUTIFUL mantilla, but absolutely amazing customer service as I had a collection of questions before I made my purchase. I simply cannot say enough about the customer service Elizabeth provided to me - thank you!

    I will be making all future purchases of this nature from Zelies Roses and will be recommending them to all of my friends.

  2. Hello,
    I recently purchased Ismene mantilla which is absolutely beautiful. Wonderfully made by an equally lovely crafts woman. Thank you.