Modest Wedding Dresses

I am happy to make a modest wedding dress for anyone who gives me plenty of time to make it!  That's because you need to have several fittings, so that I can get things right for you. Prices will vary depending on style, fabric etc. but feel free to email me with your phone number if you'd like to discuss ideas. I am happy to work with whatever fabrics you can afford within your budget, from finest silks and laces to humbler fabrics (which can still look good!) My dress, above, was made from a pure ivory silk with gold fleurs de lys embroidered over it.


Alanis' Dress is made from pure silk satin, with a lace overlay invisibly pieced together to form the bodice shape. The veil is pure silk net with a lace edging.

Detail of lace overlay and buttons at the back.

(Anna Pimenta Photography)

(Anna Pimenta Photography)

During the Nuptial Mass at a magnificent Church in Poland.

(Anna Pimenta Photography)

Isn't this just one of the most romantic photographs ever seen?
I have to commend the photographer, she did an excellent job!
(Anna Pimenta Photography)


Rhoslyn's dress is made from a pure silk ivory taffeta, with a lighter ivory shawl collar made from jacquard silk with a rose pattern woven in. The veil is pure silk net with an antique English lace scalloped edging applied.
(Peter Jones Photography)

(Peter Jones Photography)

(Peter Jones Photography)

An Eastern Rite Catholic Ceremony, with a lovely Crowning Part to it.
(Peter Jones Photography)

(Peter Jones Photography)


Lauren's, below, is made from a lovely white Duchesse satin, with a chiffon layer over the skirt.


Yan's Dress is made from pure silk duchesse satin with a pure silk organza overlay, and guipure lace details.

Yan had a second wedding do in her home country of Malaysia, and so wanted a dress in the traditional red and gold colours for that occasion. It is made of  silk georgette, with a silk chiffon overlayer which has hand-sewn gold beading around the edges, and gold embroidery trim.


Patricia's gown is in an Edwardian style, made of pure silk satin, with a fine Chantilly lace overlay, and same satin for the sash.

photos by Martin Macgregor.

detail of Chantilly lace


Lucy's long-sleeved dress with a sweetheart neckline has an almost 1940's feel to it. The skirt, made from two full circles, has a small train. All made from pure silk satin.