Sunday, April 18, 2010

Hello, Please allow me to Introduce Myself...

Hello, by way of introduction, my name is Elizabeth Dulston, and I make clothes. I began this after hearing several mothers bemoaning the fact that they could not find decent, modest, well-made, plain everyday clothes for their children; to which I replied "I can make them if you let me know what you want!" So this blog is to help people communicate with me what they want me to make.

I am happy to make fairly simple, everyday pinafore dresses, but I am also able to do dresses with sleeves, blouses, skirts, etc. - as well as a range of baby clothes, (including bonnets, booties and bibs!).
I can also make "fancier" things, such as the Baptismal gown which can be seen in the header picture of this blog, and First Holy Communion dresses, examples of which are below and in the side bar; also waistcoats, and trousers for boys.

Those who know me will know why I've chosen the title Zelie's Roses. For those who don't, Zelie was an inspirational woman, who lived in the 19th Century, and always made sure her daughters were well-dressed; she also helped to boost the family income by making lace (Point d'Alencon) at home.
I have chosen her name for my modest business, making modest clothing, at, I hope, modest prices!

I have more samples below, and in the side bar, of what I can do.

For a 6 month old (also being modelled by Maria in the side bar)

and a pinafore with blouse to go underneath, for a 9 yr old

A New Summer frock for a one year old baby.

This one has been made for an 18 month old.

I have plenty of fabric in stock, (please see next post for some of the current choices) but am also happy to work with fabric you supply. If you see something that you like, or have something in mind that you would like me to do, please get in touch, and I can email pictures of the fabric I have at present, or we can discuss your requirements. My email is in the side bar, (underneath the picture of Maria being jolly!).

I send out a sizing chart to be filled in, so I can have the right measurements, and then make the garment to fit.
Prices for the everyday clothes range from about £15 for the simplest pinafore, to £25 - £35 for an older child's dress, but it will depend on the fabric chosen, and how many frills and flounces are required! I will also make clothes for adults, and am able to make modest wedding dresses too, as well as Mantillas, and Chapel veils.

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  1. Verry nice, Elizabeth!

    You are so industrious! May God reward you with many orders!