Friday, April 1, 2011

Trying Something New!

As one of the main purposes of my sewing is to be able to provide modest clothing in these days of increasingly immodest wear, and lack of good clothing for young girls in particular, I was pleased when I recently came across a new concept in clothing for girls, The Skort!

It looks like a skirt, but...

If little Miss wants to jump and tumble and play in the park,

She has an in-built pair of shorts to keep her modest!

This is one I have designed myself, and I shall be passing it on to a 2-3 yr old Miss.

I can make these for about £13 - £18 a pair, depending on size.


  1. I wore skorts in the early sixties, especially when we went skating at the skating rink. If we fell down, we were modest. Thanks for renewing my memory.

    I remember a bright turquoise blue one with lighter blue shorts. Loved it.

  2. Not such a new concept then, LOL! Thanks for the comment Supertradmum.