Thursday, August 9, 2018

Unusual Teal Mantillas for sale

Someone asked me to make them a teal mantilla. It's quite hard to find nice teal coloured lace (at a reasonable price!) There is also rather a large range of colours labeled "teal" out there! However I did find two quite different laces in nice colours.
Infinity veil with roll hem edging

Infinity veil with scalloped edge

The first is quite a delicate lace, and was only wide enough to make two infinity veils. One has a scalloped outer edge, the other is straight. As they say in the shops, once they're gone, they're gone! (I bought the last length of that lace that was available.)

Infinity veil

It was hard to get a good colour rendition of this lace. It is more blue than the other, it is also thicker, and has a lovely cotton-y feel to it. There's more of this, so it can be made into a mantilla or infinity veil, at the customer's request.

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