Friday, May 7, 2021

Spring First Communions 2021 Update

 I have been very lax about keeping up with the blog. 

Here's a few items off the machine in the last few months - The latest few First Communion dresses have all wanted pin-tucked bodices, and high necklines, very nice, but oh so time-consuming! (Worth it in the end!)

One for Scotland
One for the USA
Fine Cotton Poplin with added embroidered trim.

A mixture of embroidered cotton in the skirt and sleeves,
With pin tucked cotton lawn bodice,
 and applied cotton trim.

This one has a nice big bow, too.

And being a glutton for punishment, I even designed a matching pin tucked bag for one young lady!

Sara's dress was made of one of the heavier embroidered cottons.
A lovely traditional dress with Peter Pan collar,
and long cuffed sleeves.

I've made a few First Communion veils, and have several in stock, so if anyone needs one, don't hesitate to get in touch.

Embroidered Eucharistic motif on tulle.

embroidered organza,
 with a mantilla lace edging around the face.

Small organza mantilla edged veil 
with embroidered cross.

Embroidered Eucharistic motif, and small cross,
on tulle.

Different types of motifs can be embroidered, please don't hesitate to enquire...

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