Monday, February 20, 2012

Second Official Wedding Dress!

The scene of the cutting of the duchesse satin!

I am glad to say that since my first official wedding dress (my own! a mere almost 17 years ago) I have now successfully completed a second one, and the wedding day went well, with no catastrophes. I admit to having spent a restless night before the big day, dreaming of the things that could go wrong, no doubt inspired by this wonderfully funny passage from Anthony Trollope's "Barchester Towers" which I had just been reading, whereby a sofa in a crowded room is given a hefty shove, with the following result -

The sofa rushed from its moorings and ran half-way into the middle of the room [where] Mrs. Proudie was standing..
... She was beginning to be stately, stiff, and offended,
when unfortunately the castor of the sofa caught itself in her lace train, and carried away there is no saying how much of her garniture.
Gathers were heard to go, stitches to crack, plaits to fly open,flounces were seen to fall, and breadths to expose themselves; a long ruin of rent lace disfigured the carpet, and still clung to the vile wheel on which the sofa moved.

I feared that the chiffon overlay which I had hand-stitched in place might somehow get stepped upon and a Trollopian disaster would ensue! But I need not have feared, and the Bride looked very beautiful and radiant, which just goes to show that there's no need for the modern bride to succumb to the immodest bridal fashions of today.

May they be richly blessed in their marriage.


  1. I have to be careful what I say about wedding gowns, since my sister's dress was pretty much the polar opposite of the gown you sewed and still very lovely - but I love the elegance and simplicity of this lovely gown, Elizabeth: I notice the bride first, as a person, and not her body - and the photos will be so timeless too...

  2. Thank you for commenting Lucy. A gown may be very lovely from a worldly point of view, but as a Catholic who adheres to what the Catholic Church has always proclaimed about the virtue of modesty, it can not be a matter of my personal opinion about what I think looks or feels good. Modesty is not merely about whether I notice how scantily clad a person is. It goes beyond my opinions or observations - but I have to say, if I see a woman dressed inappropriately for Church (or a man, for that matter) I will notice her or his body first, because that is what she/he has decided to show off - it's part of our fallen nature, I suppose, we can't help looking. I often wonder whether people who call themselves Christian, really care about those around them when they dress inappropriately. Let's say a young man is struggling hard to control himself in matters of purity, (and that young man may even be a celibate Priest) yet every time he goes to Church he is surrounded by, or even has to give communion to, women who do not have any sense of modesty in their dress, do you really think that those women have nothing to answer for? And if they are totally innocent of the effect their immodest dress can have on others, as well as their own souls, then surely the Christian thing to do would be to educate them?...

  3. This is so beautiful, and if I ever need one, I know where to go. You have been given talent by God.