Saturday, July 7, 2012

Beautiful Baby in Blue!

I have long desired to have a good model for my baby bonnets - I always ask people to send me photos of their darlings modelling my creations so I can show them on the blog, but alas, mothers these days are too busy to get round to it! - sigh - so most of the photos are ones that I have snatched, when I remember to bring the camera. I recently made my gorgeous niece model her two new bonnets, as bonnets definitely look better on a baby rather than off!
So... here is Angharad (not in matching outfits, I'm sad to say; I really must rectify that; but at least I got her with the bonnets on before she bawled) being the perfect model...

Ahhh, isn't she cute? I'll add more photos to show the bonnets off in the Mantillas and bonnets section.

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