Friday, March 7, 2014

My little model is growing up!

From her first stand on the catwalk -

To a Poised Pose!

Actually, you wouldn't believe how hard it is to get her to stand still  in a position that will show off the dress to full advantage (or maybe you would!)

(This was, "Do a ballet pose"  -  that kept her still for all of a minute!)


  1. She is precious!

    Have you heard of infinity veils/ mantillas? Almost like a lace cowl so you can pull it up and down easily? Could you maybe make one for me in a black lace? After a long gap if not covering (I felt uncomfortable that people (men!) Would comment) my daughter and I decided to take the plunge again this lent and then carry on. I saw infinity veils and thought they would be useful.

  2. It looks like a moebius! (Jm and I learnt all about those in maths, many moons ago!) I'm sure I could make you one, would you like it in a light weight black lace, or a heavier one?