Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Mantillas for Mums, and Bonnets for Babies!

I've been making quite a few mantillas lately, and enjoy trying to fulfill the specific requests that people often make, like the brown cotton lace one that was recently asked for.

I love making bonnets too, but am sad that sometimes I don't get to see them being worn by their new owners.  If people buy anything from me, I love to have photos of them or whoever it has been bought for, modelling it.

This one was sent to Japan.

This was used for a Baptism at my Parish. Sadly, I didn't get a photo of baby in it, though!

This was made for baby Grace's Baptism -
I think the photo was taken on another occasion, though.

I love the delicate lace edging framing the face.

But I'm so glad I get to see this one being worn every Sunday!
Maria doesn't seem to mind keeping it on through Mass, either.

A nice easy to wear, elasticated bonnet with lace brim. £8.00 in polycotton, £15.00 in pure cotton, dependent on size.

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