Thursday, November 19, 2015

The Lads get a Look-in!

It's not all bonnets and frocks at Zelie's Roses!

Thought I'd post a few photos of something different.

Made for a certain 18 year old's birthday, I was informed, after he'd worn it out to a club one evening that several people had asked whether it was a Versace!! I am not a follower of fashion (can't you tell? I tend to hark back to earlier, more modest styles) so I wasn't sure what a "Versace" would look like...until I 'googled' it, and came up with these -

A mere snip at £490

A wee bit more expensive £550

The piece de resistance, £1,175 - but it is silk,
not wonderful cheap Fabricland cotton!

I asked whether he'd got me a few commissions from them, but alas, no... I wouldn't have sniffed at making them for a fraction of the price!...sigh... I must admit, I think my pattern matching is every bit as good as that of the workers Versace gets to make his shirts! I hope they are well-paid for it, considering the final prices of the shirts - it's no mean feat to get all those patterns to match, I can assure you...

Ah well, better to work for love rather than money, eh?

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  1. Lucky chap! It's a gorgeous shirt and yes, so much of the skill and work is in the pattern matching.