Wednesday, September 21, 2016

A P P Party!

I was asked to make a Wendy outfit for a little girl who's going to a Peter Pan party. Googling Wendy night gown (since I haven't read the book for rather a long time, I had no idea what she wore) came up mostly with images of a rather revolting empire line blue number, obviously inspired by some Disney production.  Apparently, J M Barrie does not describe it in detail, but empire line, and blue? hardly sounds Edwardian. Since it is to be a useful nightie, and not just a dressing up costume, the Mum and I decided between us that it would be in ivory Winceyette, with just a hint of lace, and a Peter Pan collar. As her older brother is going to be wearing a somewhat Piratical costume (not sure which character he is) I rooted out my son's old tricorn hat I made rather a long time ago - nice to see it being put to good use again!

One of the first things I ever sewed (at school) was a winceyette nightie. It's rather nice stuff, I might just make myself one!

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