Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Of Mantillas and Models

I have been searching for a suitable model for my mantillas for a while -  I do love people sending me photos of the ones they wear and cherish, but sometimes, since I create all my mantillas myself, when I have a new one made I don't have one of my friends to hand to model for me (most of them being hard-working full time mothers!)

But, the other day, this little treasure fell in to my open arms:-

Admittedly, she was in a pretty bad way, and in need of something to revive her, so as I had some statue restoring to do, I got my paints out, and gave her a spot of make-up, so now I have a sweet model to hand, whenever I can't get hold of a real - life one!

And here she is modelling some of my latest creations -

A beautiful and unusual soft champagne coloured lace
with a lovely cutwork design, and a scalloped edge.
This is quite a time-consuming veil to make, 
I have one in stock,
but I can make more on request.


Black corded lace, very luxurious fabric, with
a delicate cotton lace edging.


A striking blue, suitable for Marian feasts!
Very pretty soft lace.
Last one available!


Gorgeous high cotton content lace, lovely feel.
With a scalloped border.


There we are, she's not too scary, is she?

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