Friday, November 11, 2016

Junior Priests!

I was saying a few prayers after Mass, last Sunday, when one of the young lads rushed past me, into the sacristy.  He came out bearing a cassock, and as he whizzed past me again said, "I'm going to be a Priest!" I smiled at him, and as he disappeared into the hall where the teas and coffees are served, I wondered to myself, "how strange that he feels so certain of his vocation, and for him to come up and tell me about it." "Has one of the Priests said something to him in the Sacristy?" I mused, and then, "of all the boys in the parish, I would not have thought of Thomas as having a vocation, but of course, one never can tell..." As I made my way into the hall, it dawned on me, the children were going to have an All Saints parade, and he and his younger brother were dressing up as Priest Saints, I'm glad I hadn't attempted to reply to him! I then saw his younger brother, and he was dressed in a costume that brought back memories, it was my son's Priest costume which we'd passed on to the boys.. Good to see it still going strong!

It got me to thinking I'd like to have another go at some mini Chasubles, and since I have plenty of Chasuble type fabric lying around,  I've started to make a few more, in case anyone would like to give a young lad a nice Roman Chasuble for Christmas!



These have proved rather popular, so they are now all sold. Please contact me if you would like a similar one made.  Priced at £40 to £50 for the Chasuble, stole and maniple, (depending on fabrics used) and an extra £18 to £25 for the Alb depending on whether you want lace or not.

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