Saturday, January 21, 2017

Winter Confirmation Dress in the Snow

I'm afraid the last time I saw the young lady for whom this dress was destined, she was a very leetle person, and it just makes me realise how time do fly!

A Confirmation dress for the middle of winter - what better fabric to use than some lovely pure wool and cashmere suiting

I got this several years ago, and have had it saved for the right person, at the right time. God in His providence made me buy it! - I was asked at rather short notice, just before Christmas when I would never have had time to go searching for an appropriate fabric, if I could make the dress for the beginning of January. Because I already had this fabric I was able to, Deo Gratias!

There's a lovely a matching coloured silk velvet and guipure lace, for the collar cuffs and trim.

Just got it finished in time for it to be photographed in our first snow of the winter!

Which, of course, never lasts very long in these parts!


  1. That's really lovely! It's so hard to find dresses that are both modest and beautiful for confirmation-aged girls.