Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Working Wonders with a Wedding Dress!

A few months ago, I was rather surprised when the postman delivered such an odd-looking parcel, I wondered what on earth it could contain

When I undid it I found this inside

I had forgotten that a young lady had offered to send me her Wedding dress if I could use it for something.  I had said that I knew someone from Ecuador who had told me that a lot of the children there are so poor they can't afford First Communion dresses.  I suggested to the lady with the Wedding dress that I could make a First Communion dress from it, and so that was why it had turned up on my doorstep!

The bodice and chiffon over layers have been removed
and the lining separated from the skirt.

What a lot of lovely fabric!

I realised once I had de-constructed it, that there was enough there to make two First Communion dresses, and they are now having the finishing touches sewn on (some of the beads removed from the bodice) and will soon be ready to fly to Ecuador with my friend whose daughter is soon to be married there!

This one has a chiffon over skirt,
and uses the beaded straps of the
original dress around the waist
and sleeves

This one has chiffon cuffs with a
few beads sewn round the top of them,
and a chiffon cummerbund which
will have some beads sewn down
the centre. 

Thank you Mrs F. for donating such lovely fabric!

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  1. They are beautiful!!!! Thank you for sharing the story...