Friday, May 26, 2017

1940's Chic

I know a little girl who needs a new Summer dress, and I decided I'd like to try out a very ancient pattern that I'd acquired from somewhere...

It's one of those that has no markings or seam allowances on the paper pattern pieces, and the instructions are just what you see on the front of the packet! My, those 1940's gals knew how to sew! We're so molly coddled nowadays with our 3 pages of illustrated directions!!

I had some lovely old fashioned-looking floral fabric that I thought would do the job, and I think it turned out rather nicely - in fact the lass's mother and I both agreed we'd quite like a larger version ourselves - although I think the Mum has the beanpole figure that would suit it better than my own rotund form! Little Miss isn't one for too many frills and furbelows, so I thought I'd leave off the collar, and set some rouleau ties of the same fabric into the front seams instead of a belt.

 As the weather is hotting up at the moment, I thought I'd make another version without sleeves.  I decided I didn't want to sew a whole load more button - holes, so...

I adapted the front placket to sneak a zip in instead!

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