Thursday, July 6, 2017

Liturgical Splendour, Finally Done!

At last I have finished the altar frontal, superfrontal and tabernacle veils I started during Lent this year. It is for St Birinus Church in Oxfordshire, one of the loveliest little churches I've ever seen. I did get everything rigged up in time for Passiontide, but there were a few tweaks needed, and I've managed to find time to do some tweaking now the First Communion dresses are coming to a close (still one to finish off for August, though!)

 Although it's a lovely church, it is very difficult to get a good photo with my camera, these are the best shots I could manage.

It was a major effort of pattern-matching, since two different types of fabric were sent as being suitable to match - unfortunately one, being partly made with metallic threads, turned out to be much more closely woven, so ultimately smaller (shorter in length) than the other. Being a determined sort of person, I did as much stretching as I could in order to get the patterns to match up across the panels, and in the end it didn't turn out too badly, although there was a fear that the stretched one would either split with all the stretching, or surviving that, would shrink back and cause some rippling along the join,  It doesn't seem to have done that to any great degree so far!

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  1. What exacting work and so beautifully done. The church, itself, is a little jewel. The rood screen is particularly lovely. You must be very pleased with your work. Well done!