Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Small things can make a Big difference.

I was recently requested by a Priest to make a new Monstrance cover for the Church he's just become Parish Priest for. He said the old one had a burn in it...(and it had been like that for years!!)

Not only that, but it might just have been one of the ugliest looking covers I've seen in my life - (even without the burn!) He wanted a more classic shape, and also requested a matching Pyx cover with a Eucharistic motif on it.

I digitised the motif, and it was machine-embroidered in gold thread.

 Both were lined in lovely deep red silk.

I think they turned out well, even if pretty much anything would have been better than the original!!

Father was very pleased with the result, and sent me a photo of it in action, as it were! I'm sure the Parish will be richly blessed with a Priest who cares about the small details.

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