Thursday, November 29, 2018

Out of the Fire, Into new Life!

One of our FSSP Priests had a habit of rescuing things that were to be burnt, because nobody wanted them. This deep purple velvet Chasuble was one of those things, which he saved the day before it was due to go on the bonfire!!! He asked if I could do anything with it, and the decision was made that the front and back central panels could be conserved, and mounted onto a new Chasuble, which is what I did.
(There's a burn hole in the velvet)

Our Parish said it would donate the cost of the work to him as a leaving present, so it has been a bit of a nagging thing with me, since he left several months ago. I had been rather snowed under with wedding dresses etc. in the summer, and as it was a time-consuming job to a) find a matching purple velvet,  which Father wanted to be a silk velvet, and b) sew said silk velvet which has a life of its own, and is not really suited to nice stiff roman vestments and  d) to locate a matching gold metallic trim, I eventually promised him I'd get it done by Advent.  It took a long time to find a silk velvet that matched well enough, (it's amazing how few silk velvets are available, and how many different purples are out there!) so I was pleased that the one I eventually plumped for was a really good match.

Phew, just managed to get it delivered this week...

The goldwork is beautiful, imagine burning that!

Father was very pleased with the result, little realising what a tricky job it was. Please don't anyone else order a silk velvet chasuble from least, not for a year or so 'till I recover.

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