Friday, December 7, 2018

Another Sweet little girl on her First Communion Day

I didn't have too many first Holy Communion dresses this year. I think St. Zelie just sends me what I can cope with - two wedding dresses, and several large liturgical projects are quite enough for a seamstress working alone! However, I did like the way this one turned out -

But it's always a pleasure to see the child wearing them, especially once they've been sent off to foreign climes!

Mary Bernadette's mother made a special effort to get these photos to me in September, so it's about time I updated the blog with them!

Here are the kind words she sent with the photos -

"I would like to thank you again for the beautiful dress you made our daughter. We are so grateful to you.

 I was not sure if I’d ever sent you some pictures so I wanted to take a moment and do that now.

 The veil, the purse and the dress were just beautiful.

I look forward to our second daughter Margaret Mary who is now one years old wearing it on her First Communion Day. "

I love it when I hear that the dress will get used again in the future.

This was another one made earlier this year for Lydia Martha, with a personalised bag and a mantilla veil, her busy Mum hasn't got round to sending me the photos yet!

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